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In Oct 2017 My Friend & Business Partner Jason Roberson was unfailrly taken from us too soon...

Jason was a great & very loyal friend, which these days is uncommon.

In an effort to make sure Jays memory lives on, I want to return that loyalty...

& honoring my favorite quote

"Dont talk about it, Be about it"

Ive decided to be about it!

 ALL of Jasons Portions of the proceeds,

in arrangement with our original partnership will go to directly benefit his 4 children. 


We thank you and appreciate you for your support!

The Barberz Dreme Co. Brand was officially & legally Established in 2017 by myself Steav Jordan. Continuing on with a dream set forth by me and Jason in 2016...  

What you see today is the true power of a DREAM..!!

We pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer service to our shoppers, clients & supporters.

We’re a business that is made up of risk takers & forward-thinkers, with a positive approach & fearless mindset.

We will continue have the drive, passion & wherewithal to constantly update & improve our brand. Our goal is that you can maximize your

"livin the dreme" experience with every interaction!

We at The Barberz Dreme Co. appreciate you taking the time to visit & read our webpage 

& we hope you enjoy our products & services.

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