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Bosses say go leaders say "lets go".  We’re so lucky to have such a Dope Owner . But not only as an owner... as a leader, as part of our staff. When Steav started this journey, we knew we were headed for success because he was always willing to be considered part of the team. His willingness to learn as much as teach is dope to be a part of. Crispy lines and dope designs... thats Steav Da Barber ! 



Jano Pulanco has been a valued member of our team since the beginning. There are a key components to assuring we provide high quality service & products. Also to  assure that our clients receive top-notch customer service... Jano is one of those key components, his versatility is unmatched !



Kyree is new to the team. But he was an instant fit. Focusing on providing quality service behind the chair and in customer interactions. not only is he a dope barber, Kyree is dope to be around. We are very happy he is a part of our team.


Alyssah is very essential in making sure the team has all that we need to start and finish our days. She sets the vibe! Alyssah is also responsible for knowing about all that happens within Barberz Dreme Co Brand and Barbershop! We are very thankful to have Alyssah as part of the team!



First impressions set the tone. Not only does Jeff have  a dope unique cutting style; Jeff is a professional first and comes with a dope background in customer service. When the shop gets busy, Jeff always helps keep the calm. It’s hard to imagine where we’d be without our own "personal" Customer Service Specialist Jeff.



We’re so lucky to have such dope spirit like lance as part of our staff. When Lance joined us, we knew we made a terrific staffing decision, and we haven’t been disappointed since. We can always count on Lance to provide you with a dope cut & to be polite, courteous & punctual. 


Nate Griffith

Nate is a valued member of our team. An early riser & Usually the first one in, Nate is a tone setter for each day and he brings the positivity ! Nate has always put in hours behind the chair and it shows, his work is flawless!



Jose is new to the team but is eager an anxious. Jose is one of those guys that has exceptional customer service and is going to provide you a dope vibe every time your in his chair. We are happy to have Jose as part of our team.



Julez as we call him, is one of the teams best kept secrets. Julez provides the team with stability and consistency. His dedication to learning and teaching the team the art of color brings such a dope value. His precise Shear work sets him apart.  We are happy to have Julez as part of the team

DSC03063 (1).jpg


Donnie is a soft-spoken perfectionist. He brings versatility to the team and is able to service any client that walks through the door. He's sure to provide a top tier experience. Were lucky he's one of us!

DSC03068 (1).jpg


Randy is a student of the craft that always willing to teach what he learns. He brings endless knowledge & professionalism to the team to go with his consistency.. oh  and he is extra dope when it comes to styling.



Drew made the move with us from the 1st location. He remains one of the most versatile barbers on the team. He is key to the foundation we have set in providing dope new cutting edge services and products. And his drive and hustle ignite the whole team. We appreciate having a guy like Drew setting the pace.



Brian is the no longer new to the team . Along with elevation comes addition & expansion, we think Brian is a great edition to our team! Being that he is eager to learn and committed to his craft, he's a great fit.

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Matt is like a young vet. Coming to the team with years of actual cutting experience. Its dope to see a guy like Matt in the shop setting. Although he killed it in the dorm its clear the shop is where he is most comfortable. I have a feeling Matt will be one of those hires we will be very happy we made for years to come.



Normally the closer, last one in everyday. Angel is that guy that pays attention to detail, both behind the chair and in the shop business. If you look up reliable you will fid a picture of Angel; and if its not there look up consistency he's guaranteed to be there. Were lucky to have a guy like Angel always looking out for us all. A lot of what he does often goes unnoticed.

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