Dreme'n for a livin... Livin the Dreamz !

Service to others...
by way of liquid currency, is the rent you pay for your space here on Earth.
Genuine Blood, Sweat or Tears are the only forms of payment accepted!!


The Barberz Dreme Co. Brand was officially founded in 2017. Although the dream was initiated long before by the late

Jason Roberson & myself, Steav Jordan,

It was the true power of a DREAM turned reality..!!

Since our first day in business, Barberz Dreme Co. has been offering our customers the best selection of products & services.

The quality of our products has become synonymous with the quality of our services.

We plan to ensure a continuous variety of quality products along with top notch services. As well as unique limited edition and seasonal items that are sure to fit any vibe.

We pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer service to our shoppers, clients & supporters. We’re a business that is made up of risk takers & forward-thinkers, with a positive approach & fearless mindset.

We will continue have the drive, passion & wherewithal to constantly update & improve our brand so that you can maximize your

"livin the dreme" experience with every interaction!

We at The Barberz Dreme Co. appreciate you taking the time to visit & read our webpage & hope you enjoy our products & services.